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  • Last Update: 11:10 PM 03-Oct-2015

    U-R Interested In Black Holes? Before Leaving Click-ON Any Of (11) Black Hole Singularity Topics (Links) Below

    Animation: BBH Video 30 Deg With EH Check Out All 10 Black Holes Topics Above. Read synopsis of #1, #2, #3, & #6 Below.

    OVERVIEW: Of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th Link ABOVE:

    1st Link, Is classical derivation of the Schwarzschild Radius Of A Black Hole.

    2nd Link, Analyze Gravity Gradient Stress to prove that a (real world, steel) body can survive the very high gravity gradient (intact) of a rather small BH Binary (NOTE: Large BH Binaries have much less severe gravity gradient at the Schwarzschild radius). A 'cartoon' pictoral is included to explain the geometry.

    3rd Link, I Proposed Theory and a flight into, through, and out of a Binary Black Hole event horizon along the momentum spin vector (The Z-axis for a binary spinning in the X-Y-plane). This proposed flight path exploits force symmetry that exists at the barycenter of equal mass BBH's to provide cancellation of X&Y forces as the interloper travels the Z-axis into and out of the event horizon. Hawking's radiation is sometimes presented as a possibility for matter to escape the event horizon of a black hole.

    Does it need a shout that; "the possibility of Egress, Escape from a Black Hole is contrary to accepted theory?" Paraphrasing expression of popular belief; "that once having entered the event horizon, nothing can escape, not even light."

    If 'escape from a binary BH' Event Horizon is ever accepted, the argument could progress to a dialogue of escape from a single black hole EH. The argument being that conservation of energy [and momentum] permits an object traveling less than the speed of light to enter and leave based on [conservation of] energy. 'c' is not the boss, ENERGY is the boss.

    6th Link, Contains numerical computation of the Combined Event Horizon for ELLIPTICAL Binary Black Holes with results set into GIF animation(s). The Black area in all animations depict the boundary of the Schwarzschild radius of each BH as though they were individual. The 1st animation depicts the Binary BH without showing the combined Event Horizon. In the 2nd and 3rd animations the combined dynamic Event Horizon envelope is shown in RED.

    More physicsstuff coming, Hope You Enjoy It as much as I. dac